Lowry Morrison

North Loop, Minneapolis

For years, the 1879-era Lowry Morrison Building, with its shuttered windows and crumbling bricks, stood in stark contrast to the burgeoning energy of the North Loop, limiting retail development on part of Washington Avenue. It spent 20 years as a vacant eyesore, limiting retail development on part of Washington Avenue.

Three years in the making, the $4 M historic renovation of the building, led by Element Commercial Real Estate in close collaboration with the owner, transformed the dilapidated warehouse into a vibrant neighborhood asset attracting key tenants to the area. The Lowry Morrison Building is now home to 10,000 SF of new office space and 5,000 SF of new retail space including Edward’s Dessert Kitchen and Invision. Element oversaw the entire project from leasing through project management, including driving decisions, ensuring compliance with strict historic preservation requirements, and transitioning to property management.