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Focused on Walkable Urban Neighborhoods in the Twin Cities

We provide development consulting and brokerage services for owners and entrepreneurs in walkable urban neighborhoods of the Twin Cities.

Driving Possibilities

Successful projects don’t happen unless you embrace the idea of possibility. For too long there has been a quiet acceptance of the bland and uninspiring in commercial real estate. We strive to be a different kind of real estate firm. Our goal is to create amazing spaces that make people’s lives better.
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Our Approach

We explore options and consider angles that typically go ignored. The result? Projects that reach their true potential and satisfied clients who receive tremendous value. We’re able to push beyond what might ordinarily be possible. Those boring and uninspiring projects suddenly become interesting and transformative. And they leave a real impact on both our clients and the community.
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We actively seek a mixture of development consulting, tenant representation, and landlord representation because it gives us a deeper understanding of the motivations of all parties, and that balanced perspective helps us to craft satisfying solutions for our clients. Explore what is possible with us!
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How We Deliver Results

Vision is working with our client to come up with what the desired future state looks like... and then most importantly, charting a path of how to achieve it.
Creativity is intentionally doing something different and better... for our clients and the community.
Drive is simply tenacity... you're not going to find a firm that works harder, regardless of the project.

Available Spaces

Are you looking for creative office space that will inspire your team, a new location for your retail concept, or just browsing around for inspiration? We've got you covered.
21 Third Street North
Burch Building
322 E Hennepin Ave
316 E Hennepin Ave
We are looking for clients who are passionate about their business and their community. Explore what is possible with us.
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