August 25, 2022

Discover Strength: A Conversation with Brad Stanke

Element checked in with Discover Strength Maple Grove Franchise Owner Brad Stanke about his experience, working with Element, and hopes for the future

Element: Hi, Brad! So what led you to becoming a franchisee for Discover Strength?

Brad: I was a client of Discover Strength initially and found an interest in amateur bodybuilding. I used Discover Strength to prepare for my first show and to also help me train for multiple marathons. During the pandemic, I was always disappointed in how people were so defeated and demoralized. With how many trainers at other gyms were being displaced and out of work along with how many people were staying away from the “Big Box” gyms, I had a feeling that a smaller, boutique, fitness studio would be advantageous to both me and the general population who would want to get back to a healthier lifestyle; we are doing much better than expected.

E: Please explain working with Element and Ian. What challenges did Element help out with?

B:  Although this was my first time ever getting into a business, the resource that Ian was for us made everything easy. In the entire process, I was never stressed out about communicating with any other parties or dealing with anything. Ian was my rock while everything was going on. Everytime we called or emailed, he had a calming answer and I was convinced he knew exactly what was going on, even when I didn't. 

E: What did you appreciate most about working with Element?

B: I trusted you and you delivered. I have exactly what I want after everything was said and done. 

E: What makes Discover Strength different and special in your eyes?

B: Experted, educated trainers; evidence-based results; an efficient workout.

E: Do you have any plans for the future?

B:  My larger plans include growing my business to be a top performing studio among any current or future Discover Strength franchise.

We thank Brad for his time and wish him continued success at Discover Strength Maple Grove. Follow Brad and his gym @discoverstrengthmaplegrove!

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