April 30, 2024

Empowering Communities: Element's Success Story with LNAS and PPL

A successful relocation and construction project that empowers the community and reflects commitment to tailored real estate solutions.

Element recently partnered with local nonprofit Project for Pride in Living (PPL) to achieve remarkable outcomes for Loring Nicollet Alternative School (LNAS) and the Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis.

LNAS faced financial and logistical hurdles in securing a new, optimized space. Element's thorough search across Twin Cities neighborhoods resulted in a strategic off-market solution with a community-minded landlord aligned with PPL's values. This collaboration fast-tracked the relocation and construction of LNAS to a new site near Metro State University, addressing crucial factors like transit accessibility and creating a safe, respectful environment for all students.

Despite space challenges, Element's innovative approach and project management skills ensured a seamless transition. By November 2023, a lease was signed and a rapid buildout was underway, leading to LNAS students settling into their functional and modernized new space by February 2024. The design includes secure access, classrooms, offices, copy facilities, restrooms, cafeteria, and a lounge, reflecting Element's collaboration with PPL and its commitment to community-centric design.

Simultaneously, Element leveraged its expertise in disposition services, successfully marketing LNAS's former building and facilitating its sale by February 2024. This comprehensive approach exemplifies Element's dedication to empowering communities and delivering tailored real estate solutions.

The partnership between Element, LNAS, and PPL not only ensured a smooth transition but also set the stage for continued success, resilience, and equity in the Twin Cities' educational and community landscapes.

Learn more about PPL and the work they are doing to elevate the voices of the communities we serve that are disproportionately affected by systemic inequities and provide career readiness services - https://www.ppl-inc.org/

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