The Cloverfields Building, located at 21 North 3rd Street, is a historic rehabilitation of an iconic Warehouse District building. After spending nearly twenty years vacant, the property has been revitalized to feature four stories of beautiful restoration and conversion from a once warehouse use to retail and office space. Each floor provides 14-19' clear ceilings, oversized windows, and abundant natural light.

Throughout waves of the pandemic, civil unrest, and uncertainty in the office market, the development team upheld its vision to revitalize and reinvest in this historic warehouse building.  By working closely with the Historic Preservation Commission to incorporate a shared roof deck with panoramic views of the North Loop, the development team pushed beyond what might ordinarily be possible to create an interesting and transformative project that leaves a real impact on both its tenants and the community.

The revitalized Cloverfields Building sits in the heart of the Warehouse District, arguably Minneapolis' most energetic and vibrant neighborhood.  The iconic historic structure that had once remained vacant along an unstable corridor now illuminates the intersection to help bring back day time population, curb appeal, and investment to a transitioning corridor.  This historic rehabilitation project has also improved the tax base of both the property and city while creating jobs in the construction industry by its utilization of tax credits.

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