Fairview Health Systems - Riverside Hospital Campus

Minneapolis, MN

Fairview embarked on $214M new hospital construction and renovation project on its Riverside Hospital Campus. However, the project required relocation of the Pediatric Physicians and administrative functions that were historically located on the campus. Element worked in conjunction with the Fairview real estate team to define project requirements by identifying the functions best suited for relocation and created a strategy framework around departmental adjacencies. This 18 month assignment resulted in relocation into a 60,000 SF administrative office building within 3 miles of the Fairview Riverside Campus.

After locating an appropriately sized space within the identified budget , Element negotiated a complicated three party lease agreement, and he assisted the project team in managing the design, tenant improvement construction, and infrastructure improvements with the City of St. Paul. The project culminated in the nearly flawless move of seven departmental functions comprised of 370 employees over two weekends to newly constructed, more efficient office space with improved departmental workflow.

* Project completed at McRoberts Real Estate